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Information Technology

For many businesses their IT platform underpins how the business operates day to day and how it communicates and interacts with suppliers, customers and staff. Yet, it is also often a cause of significant frustration.

A properly structured and efficient IT platform is an essential component of running your business affecting communication, information management, staff productivity and overall performance.

Oxygen will develop and implement an IT platform specifically tailored to your requirements and the way you want to work. We integrate this into your business approach to deliver greater efficiency, maximise productivity and minimises down time and disruptions. We can also supply the majority of technology products you may require.

Our team has over 15 years’ experience in implementing effective IT services, and in developing individual solutions to achieve your business objectives.


You can feel confident that your vital IT platform is being operated and managed effectively.


The Services we provide include:


         Functioning Data back-up and recovery;
         Virus, spyware, malware, protection
         Security, firewall, piracy protection
         Secure access control


         User set up, training & support;
         Hardware, software and peripherals installation
         Routine & regular administration;
         Onsite & remote support;
         Troubleshooting and fixing most business IT equipment;
         Network management


IT Platform Management
         Asset management
         Software licence management
         System communication
         System efficiencies and effectiveness
         Website management
         Monitoring of new developments in business technology

Product Supply
         Desktops, Notebooks, Net books, Personal Organisers,
         Printers, Scanners, Faxes
         Servers, Firewalls,
         Telephone Systems

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